I have decided to selfhost as much different services  I can. It’s more a hobby to me and I like to test different software.

Selfhosting gives sort of freedom what to do and also you can be sure that you are the one who owns your data. Well I use VPS providing company, so I have to trust them, I don’t own the hardware.


As an email service I use mail-in-a-box. It nicely integrates email services with spam detection. It has also calendar and contacts server by NextCloud. What comes also with the mail-in-a-box is lightweight DNS service for you domain.

You can add unlimited mailboxes to the server, so you are not limited by the limits set by email hosting company.


For the files I use NextCloud, This is different setup from mail-in-a-box. With this NextCloud instance, replace Google drive or Dropbox. Basically it functions totally the same way. You can add many “apps” to NextCloud to expand it’s functionality. You can have your bookmarks there, RSS reader, calendar, tasks and kanban board. NextCloud is getting quite good place to host many of your needed applications.


One type of servers I like to host is federated microblogging or social media servers. They act as twitter or facebook, but you can host your own server and connect to others email like handle. When you connect to others, you can comment and like their posts from the timeline. These services don’t have any optimized algorithm for your timeline. Posts are shown in chronological order.

There are now many servers that supports standard federation protocol ActivityPub. You can install any of the servers and then connect to other users or follow them. Some of the servers are:

  • Mastodon
  • Pleroma
  • Pixelfed
  • Peertube
  • Friendica
  • Hubzilla
  • GnuSocial

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